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King James and Witches
A Good Witch Or A Bad Witch?


Young King James I
King James' Rise to Power
Interesting Facts and Tidbits About King James I
The Begginngs of Witches
The Punishment of Witches
Witches in Shakespeare's Macbeth and Their Importance
A Good Witch Or A Bad Witch?
Timeline of King James and Shakespeare's Works
King James' Disgust for Witches

Many people just observe witches as devil spawn.  Yet is there a good witch?  Is there a difference between a good witch and an evil one?

In 1542, King Henry VIII made it a felony for a person to have devised and practiced invocations and conjurations of Sprites.  Yet why?  The basic questions is are witches evil?
History has neither recorded witchcraft as purely evil nor purely good.  Witches are usually as honest as any other human being can be.  Nobody can be purely good or purely evil.  Even God, as one philosopher of the Middle Ages figures, should be viewed as half good and half evil.  His reasoning is that if God is purely good and has ultimate power, why does evil happen?  Witches therefore are just as human as the next person relative to honesty and goodness.
In fact, witches are so successful because witches can only fail a spell if the one being casted upon is of pure heart.  Witches say that not one failure has occured in the more than half century they have been casting because of the fact that humans have flaws.  Everyone has some type of problem whether that be lying, stealing, cheating, and etc.  These character flaws make every spell that a witch will cast succesful. 


Is she evil...or is she good?