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King James and Witches
Interesting Facts and Tidbits About King James I


Young King James I
King James' Rise to Power
Interesting Facts and Tidbits About King James I
The Begginngs of Witches
The Punishment of Witches
Witches in Shakespeare's Macbeth and Their Importance
A Good Witch Or A Bad Witch?
Timeline of King James and Shakespeare's Works
King James' Disgust for Witches

This page is for information that was found that has no real relation to anything, but is very intersting to get a feel for King James' character.

  1. King James I was a Christian and wanted the Bible in the hands of the common man. Therefore, he commissioned the Authorized King James Bible in 1611.
  2. King James had crippling arthritis, weak limbs, abdominal colic, gout, and a number of other chronic illnesses. He also had physical handicaps which affected his legs and tongue. There were also numerous attempts on his life.
  3. Fluent in Greek, Latin, French, English, and his native Scots. Schooled in Italian and Spanish.
  4. Held the Roman Catholic Religion in contempt. Roman clerics tried to kill him more than once. The King was born during the time of the Reformation.
  5. Wrote extensively including Basilicon Garon (the Kingly Gift), Daemonolgie, and other varied subjects such as "Counterblaste to Tobacco" which condemned the use of tobacco.
  6. His mother was Mary Queen of Scots who was executed in 1587 after 19 years in prison. His father, Lord Darnley, was murdered in 1567.
  7. King James became King of Scotland in 1567 when he was 13 months old and became the King of England in 1603.
  8. William Shakespeare was one of his subjects. Learning and writing thrived under the King's reign.


King James also wore funky looking hats...